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Fee Development

Fee development is the process of assisting a client to develop or redevelop a property and/or facility to meet their end objectives for a fee. In some cases, this work is performed with the client on a joint venture basis which provides our clients with a higher level of confidence in the process and helps offset the client’s initial capital requirements. In the majority of our joint venture arrangements, we will provide our client/partner with a future buy-out option at a pre-defined price which is discounted in consideration for the rent previously paid and which provides our partners with a greater sense of end control.

Build-to-Suit & Leaseback

We offer build-to- suit and leaseback arrangements for a range of retailers, professional and medical users who are seeking specific space to meet objectives. Hand in hand with these services goes an ownership option, if required.

Joint-Venture Development

For property owners interested in capitalizing on our development expertise, a joint-venture arrangement can work very well. These arrangements permit us to partner with companies or individuals who bring added value to the relationship (i.e. existing property ownership, knowledge or financial strength).

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