Welcome to Midwest Realty University

Welcome to Midwest Realty University

Here at Midwest Realty Group, we get messages every day from incredible people asking about the real estate tenant process. They’ve got some pretty great questions and until now, we haven’t had a great way to answer them! That’s why we’re announcing…Midwest Realty University! In this series of webcasts, Rick DeKam will take you through topics like; involving the right people, improving your position through negotiation, and why legal counsel is important. These webcasts will serve as a fantastic place to gain knowledge and help empower you with information that you need as a commercial real estate tenant.

We would love to hear your feedback!  So, as you watch these webcasts, and we continue to create more, please send us notes on anything that’s on your mind. We’re creating this series for you, so let us know what questions you have and how we can improve.

Part of the Midwest Realty University’s webcast series. In this video, Rick DeKam describes when and why you should consider using legal counsel as a potential leasing tenant.

In this video, Rick DeKam describes who you should get involved when considering becoming a tenant of commercial real estate.

Watch and learn how negotiation can strengthen your position as a tenant in a commercial lease agreement.

In this episode of Midwest Realty University’s continuing series, Rick describes the importance of the landlord in the tenant leasing process.

Here, Rick DeKam describes CAM (Common Area Maintenance) what it is, and why it’s important to you as a lease tenant.

What is the real cost of leasing and other details of commercial space leasing.

Learn if you are looking for a dark box space or vanilla box space. Watch and understand commercial lease terms through this Midwest Realty University video.

Control your CAM costs by understanding best practices and CAM budgeting

Watch this episode of Midwest Realty University to find out why your lease should always include information about PARKING. What’s adequate and what’s reasonable?

Explanation of the importance of environmental screening and assurances needed before leasing.

In this episode of Midwest Realty University, Rick DeKam explains why it is imperative that you know what zoning codes apply to your business before you sign the lease!